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I’m The Yoga Running Coach. I help runners of all levels to make more progress and find more joy in running – with my unique, integrated approach to yoga and natural running technique.

Run Stronger, Longer & Injury free with Yoga

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5 x 10 minute videos of yoga inspired movement and conditioning classes, designed specifically to introduce runners to my method of yoga – to stay injury free and achieve your goals.

Helen Clare running along the Cornish coastal path

The Strong Runner

Get on the path to staying injury free and achieving your goals! ↓

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I’m Helen Clare

This is Run Better
with Yoga

Run Better with Yoga is more than just yoga for runners…

I’m Helen – and if you are a runner, of any level, looking to say goodbye to injury and get ahead in your training and performance by becoming stronger, more mobile, flexible and focussed – then you are in the right place.

Let me show you how yoga can actually improve the way we run: by enhancing strength, mobility, flexibility, posture, breathing and technique, to run feeling lighter and stronger, to go further and faster, injury-free.

I’m here to offer you a way to easily incorporate the right type of yoga into your routine, to help you feel awesome in your body and mind, feel light and strong, mobile and flexible, and able to run with ease, for fun!

Helen Clare in a yoga pose
Feel lighter, run further & faster

How can yoga improve my running?

Helen Clare in a yoga pose
  • Build strength in key areas – safely and effectively.
  • Increase mobility to improve running technique.
  • Develop flexibility to enhance technique and release tension.
  • Recover quicker, with less fatigue
  • Improve posture and breathing capacity
  • Find greater focus and awareness
  • Overall, suffer with less – if any, injuries.

Let me show you how to easily start a home yoga practice to feel stronger and more mobile, that will also help you to run with more ease and lightness and be injury-free!

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Senior Yoga Teacher

Helen Clare

Yoga for Athletes Coach, Coach in Running Fitness

I’ve been teaching yoga to runners for a decade, and I see the evidence that yoga improves running technique and recovery in the athletes I work with – and have experienced the benefits as a runner myself!

If you’re curious about how yoga can help you run better, build the strong and flexible body you want and find the mind space you crave, then get started with the free resources on this site and I’ll guide you all the way to reaching new levels of physical and mental wellbeing.

Helen Clare running through woods
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Our Community
Vicky Otter Run Better with Yoga student

I can’t thank Helen enough! My running technique has improved dramatically and is now much more stable. I am more in tune with my body and what posture will be most helpful for running and it is enabling me to run with more confidence and without pain.

Vicky Otter – Innate Connection @innateconnection.cornwall

After suffering with hip pain from coastal path running it was suggested I see Helen. After a thorough assessment and diagnosis I was given a targeted yoga regime which has reaped rewards. I now have minimal discomfort and am running with far more freedom – thanks Helen!

Tom Hotton, trail runner & retired GP, Cornwall

Just wanted to say thank you. I downloaded your video a few days ago and have done it several times. My core already feels stronger. I’ve been practicing yoga for 6 months or so but mostly working on flexibility and hip openers and clearly neglecting the strength element as I have suffered from recurrent niggles in my low back and hips. I’m optimistic that it if I keep at it, I will eliminate them for good.

Liz Kemp, Advance Coaching UK @team_kemp_runningandthings

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A mile in her shoes

A Mile in Her Shoes create, lead and support volunteer-led running fitness groups for women, who may be vulnerable to homelessness. We support them to help fund their programs and provide all the appropriate clothing, including shoes and sports bras.