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How to Improve Posture: Yoga for Shoulders

Continuing on the theme from last week on improving posture in order to improve running form, let’s talk about the shoulders…

Clearly, how our shoulders sit play a huge role in our overall posture: If we only focus on strengthening our torso but neglect to think about opening the chest and drawing the shoulders back, then we risk compromising our new found core strength because we are still hunching the upper body.

But the good news is, that both areas help out each other: strengthening the torso supports the spine upright and enables fully breathing capacity. Opening the chest and strengthening the back of the shoulders, facilitates fuller breathing and more upright posture.

This video focuses on mobilising and releasing tension in the shoulders, opening the chest and strengthening the back of the shoulders. You’ll need an extra blanket or rolled up towel.

Do this sequence regularly, in combination with the previous core work (see here) and you’ll quite quickly see an improvement in your ability to stand and sit upright easily – and therefore maintain correct running form!

Remember, our body’s are an intricate network of connective tissues that need to work together. If the hip flexors and hamstrings are tight, the core will again be compromised and unable to offer the full stability that it should. (Stay tuned over the rest of this month for videos on this!) This is why the practice of yoga, done holistically, is so amazing. Keep up a well-rounded practice and you will get the best results.

Let me know your thoughts and questions just below. Is this an area that you feel you need to work on?


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Helen Clare, founder of Helen Clare Yoga and Run Better with Yoga, is a trail runner, senior yoga teacher and yoga for athletes coach, living in Cornwall, UK.

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