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Best core exercises for runners

Runners need good core strength all around the torso, so this week we look at some great ways to strengthen each part of the core, in a 9 minute yoga flow. Incorporate regular targeted core strength work into your routine and feel the difference in your running technique!

Why is core strength important for running?

Strong core muscles are essential for good running technique, as they enable you to maintain good posture whilst running. This increases your ability to breathe fully, enables you to actively ‘lift’ your body to feel light over the ground, and connects to the power of the glutes for strong and efficient technique, that protects from injury.

Core strength for running

People often think ’six pack’ when we talk of the core, but what we need is 360 degree core strength all around the body, that supports and protects the spine and pelvis. 

This yoga flow is a great, fun sequence, that targets the abdominals, sides and back, in a dynamic short practice. Practise on it’s own, or after one of my pre-run yoga videos. 

I hope you enjoy – please leave me your comments and let me know how you get on!


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Helen Clare

Helen Clare, founder of Helen Clare Yoga and Run Better with Yoga, is a trail runner, senior yoga teacher and yoga for athletes coach, living in Cornwall, UK.

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