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Core strength to improve your posture

Many runners I meet want to work on building their core strength, but not all of them are exactly sure why. Yes, increasing our core strength (done right) will almost always help to improve your running form, but mainly because it is going to help improve your posture.

I say core strength done right because just doing something like 100 crunches each day is actually going to have negative implications. What we need to be doing is strengthening the whole torso: front, back and sides – with awareness. (There’s a topic for a whole podcast!)
In today’s video, I show you a few fairly simple, yet super effective core strengthening poses and techniques, that if done regularly will help to improve your overall posture – and therefore your running style.


  • Toe taps, to engage the deeper abdominals
  • Side Plank, to work the side body
  • Locust, to strengthen the back muscles

I hope that was useful! Maybe you know someone else who’d benefit and would share it with them? Now, let me know in the comments below how much you’re making time for yoga as complementary training to your running. If you’re ready to commit to yoga as an incredibly effective complement to your running, you need to check out Get on Track! Get on Track is your go-to digital yoga classes, teaching you how to do the right type of yoga, at the right time – in your own time! Find out all about it here.

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Helen Clare

Helen Clare, founder of Helen Clare Yoga and Run Better with Yoga, is a trail runner, senior yoga teacher and yoga for athletes coach, living in Cornwall, UK.

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