Helen Clare practicing yoga for the feet and lower legs

Yoga to strengthen feet and lower legs

Following on from last week’s video on ways to stretch and release the feet and lower legs, today let me share with you another video I made earlier this year: Yoga to Strengthen the feet and lower legs.

BOTH are essential elements to include in our regime to keep our feet healthy, and doing the job that they should as we run.

Plantar Fascitus is one of the most common running related injuries out there and keeping our feet, Achilles and calves flexible and strong can be the first step we take in ensuring that we don’t suffer with it.

The plantar fascia is a band of fibrous tissue that runs along the sole of the foot and provides stability and arch support. Plantar fasciitis is when this tissue becomes inflamed – through excess stress (too much, too soon) and lack of strength.

This muscle weakness often comes from up in the glutes but also the intrinsic muscles of the foot, which are just above the Plantar Fascia. In the video I mention ‘strengthening the plantar fascia’, but although it works with the adjacent muscles – it’s really these small, neglected muscles that we want to focus on strengthening!

Practice 3 great ways to strengthen the foot muscles, the big toe, Achilles and calves in this video.

Let me know if you’re suffering with any foot related complaints, and how this class feels for you. Did last week’s video feel good? If you currently have an injury, yoga can help, but it must not hurt when you do it!
Have a great end of week,

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Helen Clare

Helen Clare, founder of Helen Clare Yoga and Run Better with Yoga, is a trail runner, senior yoga teacher and yoga for athletes coach, living in Cornwall, UK.

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