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2020 Running Goals!

It’s time to set your running goals for the new year and decade! It’s been proven that people who intentionally set goals are more likely to achieve the things they want – and those who actually write them down, increase their chances of success even more! So let’s dive into some possible goals that I’ve helped my students achieve in the past, and that you might be looking to achieve this year. Pens and journals at the ready, let’s get inspired!

So here we go with 5 potential running goals that you might be inspired to take on for the year ahead!

Run Injury and Pain Free

This is the number one thing that runners say they want, but it may surprise you to hear that many runners don’t actually believe it is possible! – Especially when upping mileage or pace. Trust me that it is very much possible! You can be an injury free runner, run the distances and times that you want, without making sacrifices and suffering with pain and injury. The way to achieve this is going to be the outcome of targeting the next goal!

Run with a more natural technique

Do you find running awkward, heavy and a slog? Chances are you’re not running in the most efficient way. For many runners, especially those who come to the sport later in life, their bodies have forgotten how to innately move in the most natural way, like we did as kids.

Some of The world’s most natural runners are people like the Bushmen of the Kalahari – their bodies have never had the chance to forget how to move in the most natural, efficient way, and are easily able to keep going all day long! We can rewire our bodies to run better, so that running becomes easier, and yoga can play a big part in that.

So how can we set about reaching this goal?

Firstly, by becoming aware of the way that you run now.

Then, by understanding the elements that you need to improve, such as landing on your mid-foot not heel, upping your cadence and improving your posture.

Then, by starting to move your body in ways that increase strength, mobility and flexibility to enhance your posture and make running naturally a whole lot easier!

That’s definitely where I can help – so I encourage you to take advantage of the January offer we have on our online program, Get on Track, which is suitable for almost everyone, and will help you to incorporate a yoga practice into the time that you have available, around your running schedule, to support and enhance your running and help you reach your 2020 goals. Not only that but as part of Get on Track you can post videos of your running into our private group for me to analyse your gait and give you personal feedback! You can enrol for an amazing 50% off this month at runbetterwithyoga.com/GOT.

On to goal number 3…

Up your mileage and run faster

once you’re running with little or no injuries and complaints, after adopting a more natural technique, you’ll then find that you naturally want to start going further because you can enjoy it more. So it becomes easier to up your weekly mileage. Find yourself a running partner, ideally someone who also has the same goals in mind, to keep you accountable and extra motivated. And get yourself in the RBY Community group!

Now please bear in mind, that we should be increasing our distances incrementally. Find a good, recommended training plan, that increases weekly mileage by no more than 10%. And, In the same way that finding a really efficient technique enables you to more easily go further, it also has the end result of going faster. So you can achieve those race goals you have as well.

As you start running further and faster, do not let yourself slip up on your yoga support program, that complements your running efforts. My wish for you this year is to develop your running with enjoyment and to stay safe – and if you’re new to yoga, or even more experienced, I’d love to introduce you to my integrated approach to yoga and running in 2020. As I’ve already mentioned you can start my Get on Track program half price this month, you can also explore all the resources on rby.com, and join me on a retreat in Bath this July.

Try trail running

This one applies to the road runners amongst you, as I really believe that running off road trails adds such a special element to running, that I want everyone to experience. Now I know that I’m lucky to live somewhere where I can run out on the coastal path, on the beach, and in forest – but even just running through a park has a much different feel to it than pavement. There’s so much more we can gain emotionally by running in nature – it combats depression, anxiety and stress, and improves creativity inspiration and happiness. Beside the fact that it’s less impact!
Maybe once a week you could travel a little further afield to try a new off-road route. And why not join me on that retreat I mentioned that I have coming up in Bath this summer, for some beautiful woodland trails.

Which leads me onto the final goal…

Run in new locations

That leads me to the final goal of today, which is to run in new locations! Running we can do pretty much anywhere and I hope that this year you have the opportunity to explore new places, new environments, meet new people and actually enjoy the activity of running for what it is, rather than making it something that you feel you just should do, or is the method for an end result. Is there anywhere that you have planned to go and run in, or somewhere that you want to?

So I hope those ideas have inspired you! I’d love to hear if they have, and about any other goals that you have for 2020! Join our RBY Community group on facebook to continue the conversation, you can leave me a comment below or tag us on social!

Wishing you the best start to the year – here’s to running with more ease and joy and I’ll see you next time.

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Helen Clare

Helen Clare, founder of Helen Clare Yoga and Run Better with Yoga, is a trail runner, senior yoga teacher and yoga for athletes coach, living in Cornwall, UK.

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