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How to Improve Running Technique in 5 Easy Steps

Is it possible to make small adjustments to your running technique which will have a huge impact on your running efficiency and enjoyment? Absolutely!

In this episode of the Run Better with Yoga show we’ll cover 5 steps you can take to improve running form, increase efficiency and decrease injury. This means we’ll also boost our speed, distance and endurance. Sound good? Let’s go!

Natural Running Form

So what we are talking about today is transitioning to a more natural running style. This form of running is how we all should be able to run, but with our modern lifestyles of too much sitting in chairs & over supported and padded shoes we often loose the natural movement that allow us to run and feel like we are floating over the ground with ease and grace.

The good news is we can return our bodies to the natural running style that they are designed to do through developing our stability, mobility, flexibility & core connection.

5 Top Tips & Drills

In today’s episode we’re going to look at why a good posture and taking that into your run is so important to good running form. We’ll then look at heel lift versus knee lift and what you want to be doing when running and why.

We’ll cover why falling in a controlled way is exactly what we want to be doing when running, and I’ll give you a great mental visualisation to take into your run & why 180 is the magic number when in comes to running cadence.

Now this is going to take a bit of work as you’ll need to repeat these exercises to ingrain the new movement habits into your running style, so watch the video and dive into all the additional resources listed below to start building your new running body to run the right way for greater enjoyment and ease!

I’d love to know how you get on with these techniques and the drills so please leave me a comment below!

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Build your natural running body

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Helen Clare

Helen Clare, founder of Helen Clare Yoga and Run Better with Yoga, is a trail runner, senior yoga teacher and yoga for athletes coach, living in Cornwall, UK.

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