How to improve your running posture

The key to great running is great posture. A good running posture means more efficiency, easier running.

The more we practise good posture when not running, the easier it becomes to maintain it when we are!

But how do we know exactly what having great posture feels like?

In this video I’ll show you how to become aware of your posture as it is, and some subtle shifts that we can make to potentially improve it.

We’ll cover a simple exercise that can be a big help in postural awareness and correction – so don’t delay, watch today!

After you’ve watched, I want to know – is your posture pretty good, or pretty awful?! Most of us have to keep working on it, so no shame here! When doing the exercises, can you feel how connecting to your core allows you to reposition the pelvis and spine?

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Video Transcript

The more we practise good posture when not running, the easier it becomes to maintain it when we are. So what should correct posture look and feel like? Let’s find out.

Hi, I’m HC, this is the RBY show, helping you to run injury-free and move with more ease and joy.

The key to running well and staying injury-free is great posture. We need our head over our ribcage, ribs over over the pelvis, and pelvis over the ankles. If the ribs end up being too far forward, or too far back, we lose core and glute connection that’s crucial to good running alignment.

First of all, to test your posture, stand tall but as you normally would.

Notice where your weight is in your feet.

It should feel evenly distributed between the heel and toes and rest straight down in the midfoot.

If you feel more weight in the heels, bring one hand to the belly and one to the chest and knit the front ribs back in. Gently synch in through the lower abs, getting longer through the spine, whilst maintaining the natural lumbar curve, and soften the backs of the knees.

Once you feel stable in your centre and have that sense of weight through the midfoot – then find the same good posture on one leg!!

If this is hard, there are many ways yoga is going to help.

Once you’ve noticed your standing posture, a great way to bring more awareness to the position of your pelvis, and therefore your spine and posture, is to tip the pelvis forwards and backwards. Try this:
Lie on your back with your knees bent
– Tip the pelvis back and the lower spine lengthens, pressing into the ground
– Tip the pelvis forwards the lumbar curve increases and the front ribs flare up

Our standing posture wants to be somewhere in the middle: front ribs knitting back and spine lengthening, whilst allowing the natural lumbar curve.
– Continue this movement by peeling the pelvis and vertebrae up and replacing them with control back down.
This brings control and awareness to the strength of the deeper abdominals in adjusting the position of the pelvis, which affects our overall posture.

Try this standing, finding that mid point of the pelvis to lengthen up through your spine as you go about the rest of your day.

So the first step is learning more about what our posture is like, then it’s learning how to adjust and improve it.

And a regular yoga practice makes us more aware of how we hold ourselves, and gives us the strength and mobility to change those patterns for the better.

So give those exercises a go, and let me know how you get on! Join our RBY Community group on facebook, if you haven’t already, and leave me your thoughts, comments and questions on the blog at You’ll find all the links in the show notes. And If you want some quick personal feedback, find us on social and tag me at @runbetterwithyoga.

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Here’s to running with more ease and joy – see you next time.

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Helen Clare

Helen Clare, founder of Helen Clare Yoga and Run Better with Yoga, is a trail runner, senior yoga teacher and yoga for athletes coach, living in Cornwall, UK.

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