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Why Yoga is so Great for Runners

Yoga for Runner’s – why is yoga so good for running? Here I break down 5 key reasons why every runner should be incorporating running into their training program, from beginner runner to elite athlete.

1. Whole body strength

Yoga is a great way to build whole body strength, which is needed for good running form and technique. Many people think yoga is just about flexibility. Rather it is about physically building a strong, mobile and flexible body in balance to allow for great mental stability and wellbeing. Bring a stronger physical and mental game to your running through yoga!

2. Body Awareness

Yoga helps us become body aware, allowing us to control our bodies better, for example ’switching on’ muscle groups such as ‘the glutes’, that allow us to run with better form and avoid injury.

3. Build Mobility

Good mobility is key to good running form, but many runners lack mobility through years of training, or modern life habits such as long hours at a desk. Yoga provides a safe and effective way to build mobility, which has a positive effect on running form and avoiding injury through ‘pre-hab’.

4. Improves Posture

Better posture equals better running form, a sense of floating over the landscape and better breath. This equates to running for longer, with greater ease injury free.

5. Enhanced Recovery

Through the effective release of built up tension yoga allows our bodies to recover quickly, allowing you to train more effectively and be ready for your next run!

PLUS in time you will notice better mental clarity and focus. This not only ups your mental game in running but permeates your entire life!

I hope you liked this week’s video, please leave me a comment below, and I will see you next week for a class on overcoming and avoiding runner’s knee!


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Helen Clare

Helen Clare, founder of Helen Clare Yoga and Run Better with Yoga, is a trail runner, senior yoga teacher and yoga for athletes coach, living in Cornwall, UK.

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