Enjoy running more, make more progress & stay injury-free!


Go from recurring running injury, struggle or plateau to easier, more efficient and enjoyable running – in a fun, safe and structured way – whatever your current level.

Core:Connect is a integrated yoga & running program especially designed for runners of all levels, to build, connect and integrate the right whole-body strength and mobility, from the core out.

If it’s time to enjoy running again and feel like you’re making real progress, injury free, this is for you.

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  • Get muscles connected and firing as they should!

  • Enhance overall posture, for good!

  • Improve mobility, flexibility and stability, in the right places!

  • … all for improved running form, efficiency and the progress you want to see!

Can you be an injury-free runner?  Yes!

Can running feel easier?  Yes!

Helen Clare trail running on the coastal path

It’s amazing how many runners make running harder work than it needs to be… now you don’t need to be one of them!

We know that running is natural – but that our modern day lifestyles are against us… our bodies can get lazy, and key running muscles switch off!

This is when our body compensates with less than ideal movement patterns, and injury is usually the result.

You may have found that just strengthening your core and glutes, or stretching your tight bits doesn’t work…

But – if we can gain the awareness to create new, lasting, movement habits, develop the strength in the muscles we should be using the most, releasing tension from the ones that are restricting us, and find great alignment and coordination through core connection – then we set ourselves up for success!!

What to expect in Core:Connect

Build deep strength and support in all the right places, from the core out. Move from a strong, stable core centre, as your deep abdominal muscles work in coordination with the glutes and rest of the body. Feel a new found freedom to twist and a greater control over your movements – protecting your spine and joints and staying safer, to continue to have running in your life for as long as you wish!


We can’t only focus on strength and stability – in order to find the optimal connection for posture, alignment and running form we need to improve flexibility and range of motion in the right places too. Tight hamstrings, quads, hips, shoulders? Tension here restricts movements and inhibits our posture! I’ll guide you in releasing all your too-tight-bits, to reduce and prevent running injuries!


Progressively build your core and glute strength, whilst rewiring or refiring the neuromuscular connections – so muscles aren’t just strong, but connected and know how to do their job! Your running form may change a little, or a lot! But it will start to feel easier, as the core and glutes take on the role they were made for fully, and the rest of the body is mobilised and connected.


Feel your posture improve more than you realised it could, or needed to! We’ll develop the elements of core connection that we started in the challenge, to have you easily standing tall as your norm, and transitioning that into running. Run with great alignment for longer and watch yourself moving and breathing more easily, as you go further and faster than before!

Inés – Core Connect Student from Chile
I’m extremely happy with the results of my yoga practice with your program!!! I haven’t been able to follow a strict daily routine but I try to do some classes whenever I can. I can feel the benefits so much! My running has been feeling so good. I’m more aware of my posture, my breathing, and how each part of my body feels while running. It’s been really like a moving meditation for me recently. I ran a 21kms race last Sunday and it was such an amazing experience! I’ve never felt so present, healthy, strong and motivated in a race. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I intend to keep increasing my Yoga practice this year and definitely following your classes and tips!!  Inés
Core:Connect Live with Helen Clare Online

With the Core:Connect Yoga method you’ll literally be FLOATING as you run!


Core: Connect

A step by step program to building the whole-body strength and mobility you need for running lighter, easier and injury-free, with yoga.
Helen Clare your Core Connect instructor

Core:Connect is a completely digital yoga program teaching the Core:Connect Yoga Method 3 phase system: Stabilise – Mobilise – Dynamise.

Each Phase has two levels, progressing in challenge as your body develops. Gain access to a new level each week, over the course of 6 weeks – then have life-time access!

Everyone starts at different stages, so no need to complete each level within a week and move on to the next. Helen will guide you wherever you’re at, no rush!

  • Phase 1 – Stabilise:

    Levels 1 and 2 within this phase focus on stabilsing our foundational spinal support system. That’s all of the core muscles that support the spine, plus the glutes. We’ll also be working on mobility and flexibility but ensure we have deep strength and stability in the core centre, before gradually introducing more dynamic movement – to create and reconnect great safe, efficient, stable movement habits. This Phase is all about developing your awareness of your current strength and mobility, building an awareness of the location and function of key stabilising muscles, and progressively strengthening those muscles in a safe and effective way.

    Result: feel stronger from the inside out and taller throughout your day! You’ll start to become aware of the same feeling as you run.

  • Phase 2 – Mobilise:

    Now that we’ve gained more awareness and built up those key ‘spinal support stabilisers’, Level 3 and 4 increase our movement and mobilise – whilst maintaining that core connection to the rest of the body that we’ve found in Phase 1. We’ll refine our posture and ease of movement even more as we work on mobilising the key areas such as the hip flexors, ankles, and shoulders, on our journey to optimising our running body! These classes will involve more challenge, that will focus your mind, as well as work the body in natural, functional ways that can be transferred into running.

    Result: not only will you be feeling stronger, you’ll probably start to see more muscle tone. You’ll be starting to feel lighter as you run, from the core strength you’re building.

  • Phase 3 – Dynamise:

    In Levels 5 and 6 we pick up the challenge and pace as we increase our dynamic movement. We’ll move in lots of ways that strengthen and support our natural movement patterns, including more balance, rotational core stability and more hip and shoulder mobility – for even greater range of movement and postural alignment. And we continue to enhance core connection, stability and mobility with progressively increasing challenge. Meaning: you’ll likely be finding running much easier!!

    Ongoing result: improved running technique that feels easier, enables you to go faster and reduces your chance of injury – for life..

Each week increases in challenge, and includes:
  • 10 minute Core Floor Flow

    These classes are all floor based, targeted core and glute strengthening and connecting. Ideal as a quick morning routine, or to wake up the core pre run!

  • 20 minute Yoga Conditioning Class

    When you have a little more time, these slightly longer classes will get you moving around more, adding in more mobility work. Also great as a morning routine and a pre run warm up.

  • 30 minute Stability + Mobility Sequence

    Once a week or more, take the time for this fun, flowing sequence that builds deep strength and stability. You’ll start to move with more ease and breath more fully. Ideal for non-running days.

Each Phase also comes with:
  • a bonus Yin Yoga Recovery Session. Do in the evenings as regularly as you like, especially after a long run.

  • a bonus Run Lab Technique Tutorial, to explain precisely how you can transition the yoga into running to improve your running technique.

Helen Clare leading a yoga for runners class in Core Connect
So that’s:
  • Life-time access to Core:Connect: 6 levels, released weekly, of:

    • 10 minute core floor flow
    • 20 minute yoga conditioning class
    • 30 minute stability and mobility sequence
  • Bonuses!

    • Yin Yoga Recovery Sessions
    • Run Lab Technique Tutorials
7 day money back guarantee

If during your first week of Core:Connect you don’t like what you get – just write to us at to tell us why, and we’ll refund you in full.

Read our full terms here.

Money back guarantee
Helen Clare leading the Core:Connect Live! online

I’m really enjoying the classes so far. I find the instructions really clear. I find that I’ve been really connected / aware of my core muscles when I’ve been running this week, which has helped! I’ve only just gone back to running again recently so I feel like I’ve lost a lot of stamina. However, doing this course is helping me a lot with motivation to keep going and to understand my running body better!  Isabel

By the end of the program – and probably before – your body will be much more connected, from the core out.

  • Switched on and ready to fire in the right way.
  • Your movements will be safe and controlled.

Your spine will be more protected and you’ll be facing a much, much lower risk of any running related injury.

You will have created and embedded new habits, wired in new improved movement patterns and you will feel the difference in your running, as it starts to feel easier, more controlled and progress inevitable!

Here’s what you’re getting when you enrol today:
Core: Connect Program Lifetime Access
Value £900 / $1100 USD
  • Bonus #1: Yin Yoga Recovery sessions – value £95
  • Bonus #2: Run Lab Technique Tutorials – value £95

Total Value Over : £1000 / $1200 USD

Lifetime access

One Payment (£)

Monthly Payment Plans Available
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Lifetime access

One Payment ($)

Monthly Payment Plans Available
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Helen Clare, founder of Run Better with Yoga

After 10 years of teaching yoga, and working with thousands of runners, I know the best ways to get you to running the way you want: with lightness, ease, speed and joy – whilst staying injury free.

Core: Connect is a unique program, of not just yoga for runners – but a step by step plan to safely, but progressively, improve your strength from the core out… Develop your mobility and flexibility… and teach you how to connect to that strength, so that you can effectively transfer the power into running better.

So, if you’re finally ready to enjoy running more and make the progress you want, without the pain and frustration of injury, this will get you there!

Helen Clare leading the Core:Connect Live! online

I am finding the classes very beneficial especially for turning on glutes and activating the core. I realised that although I have a strong core developed through my yoga practice, I hadn’t always been switching it on when walking, standing and running. This is where your course is effective because I am starting to really pay attention to the position of my pelvis and core, especially when standing, walking and running.  Vicki

What people have asked..


Does it matter if I’m completely inflexible/ not very strong now?

No, it doesn’t matter – but I want you to respect your body for where it is right now, and go at a pace that feels right. That might mean spending 3 weeks with the first set of classes. This part of life is not a race. Remember you get life-time access 🙂

Am I the right level of runner?

This program is going to help any level of runner to run with more ease and stability, to be at much, much less risk of injury. Get stronger and improve muscle function, whilst improving mobility and flexibility, to improve technique and reduce injury. Do not wait until you’re a ‘better’ runner to do this program – Core:Connect will actually get you there much faster.

What is the refund policy?

If within 7 days of enrolling in Core:Connect you don’t like or enjoy what you get, then we will return your investment. Just write to me at, to tell me which classes you tried and why you don’t feel it’s for you.

Do I get all the videos and bonuses at once?

Every week, from the day you enrol for six weeks, you’ll gain access to another Level of classes. You’ll have access to a new Yin Yoga and Run Lab bonus class every other week. I really want you to do the phases & classes in the designed order for you to get the most out of Core:Connect.

I’m not sure I have the time, how will I keep up?

I created the classes to be easy and manageable to fit into your time schedule, whilst still getting you the results. 10 minutes in the morning? 20 minutes one evening? 30 minutes at the weekend? – whenever you choose. I know you can make that time – if your body and mind deserve it, which they do! And if you have to skip a week or two, no problem! If you need time off – just restart when you can.

Frequently Asked Questions
Core: Connect is perfect for you if…
  • 1. If you’re a runner, of any level, wanting to optimise your time now – to enhance your running body and find more ease and achievement in running, with a fun and proven way to feel stronger and lighter – for easier, speedier and injury-free running.
  • 2. You want to build strength, mobility and flexibility in a fun, effective and safe way.
  • 3. You want to know exactly what to do, by following classes designed specifically for you – in your own time, in your own home.
  • 4. You’re ready to commit to a proven practice because you want running to be easier/ less painful and you deserve to move as you should naturally and enjoy running for life!

Helen is a Senior Yoga Teacher, Running Coach and Yoga for Athletes Coach and has been featured in:
Trail Running, Women’s Running, Om Yoga, Running Fitness, Triathlon Plus, The Independent

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