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(even if you’re just starting out, tight & stiff, frustrated or injured)

Become a Connected Mover to access the proven yoga + functional running fitness framework that’ll guide you to improving your strength, mobility & flexibility – to transform your running, and leave injury behind.

Hi, I’m Helen

Founder of Run Better with Yoga 👋

Helen Clare, founder of Run Better with Yoga

Over 10 years ago, I had a lightbulb moment when I made the connection between the ideal posture and functional movements I was doing in yoga, with the way that I was running. From that point on, everything changed for me. I went from repeated injury, niggle and complaint – to easier running that allowed me to go further, move faster, achieve more – all whilst actually enjoying it!

Helen Clare trail running on the coastal path

Now, I can confidently say that there is a simple, proven, repeatable roadmap for runners to follow to achieve their dreams and goals. How can I be so sure? Because I’ve already witnessed it work for 100s of my students, from all over the world.

And I want this for you too! 🫵

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What our movers say…

I know what you’re thinking…

I don’t have time to do yoga. I’m way too inflexible, anyway

What if I told you that doing just 1 short class a week, taken from my intentionally structured framework of yoga and functional fitness classes, could mean the difference between running forever feeling like:

a hard n’ painful slog, with limited progress and constant set-backs

– and feeling springy and strong, able to go further and faster than ever?

As you see the results come in quick, you’ll want to do 2, then 3, classes per week – and start to see some serious success!

And you don’t have to be, or even become, super flexible – I’ll guide you each step of the way to easily developing just the right flexibility, alongside stability, to optimise your body for running.

What I teach isn’t so much how to become bendier – but how to optimise your body to run better.

I’m here because I believe that running should be enjoyed, not endured.

The problem: due to modern life, most of us develop poor postural habits, lose core strength and lose good mobility… This negatively impacts the way that we run, as our body follows the path of least resistance! Nobody is teaching you how to run as we would before modern life took over, let alone how to prime your body in order to achieve it. My goal is to provide you with the tools and resources you need to make running easier, faster and fun.

Helen Clare trail running on the coastal path

Because running is simply natural movement, that should feel easeful, graceful and fun.

How it works

And why we’re Connected

  • Stability + strength + mobility + flexibility + elasticity + posture + breath
  • Rewire and fire better mind-muscle connections
  • Learn efficient, natural running form
Woman at home using The Connected Movement on her laptop


The Connected Movement
Helen Clare leading the Core:Connect Live! online

The Connected Movement is a yoga inspired movement membership that seamlessly integrates with natural running form
– for improved strength, mobility and flexibility + lighter, more efficient, graceful running.

Structured Yoga Class Plans

Designed to optimise your running

Natural Running Roadmap

To get you moving more efficiently, fast!


To keep you accountable and celebrate your wins

Inside this community
you will:

  • Optimise your running body by improving your strength, mobility and flexibility – in a whole-body, 'connected' way
  • Transform your running technique by learning natural, efficient form – becoming a 'connected' runner
  • Fast-track your way to achieving your goals of running further and faster
  • Connect with a community of like-minded people on the same journey
  • Experience the effects overflow into daily life, of moving with greater ease and calm

Get Access To:

Membership library of 200+ classes, structured plans to follow, new classes each month, – and a community to cheer you on as you reach new milestones and hit your goals! 🎉

Let’s break down your roadmap to moving and running… like a gazelle!

Your Roadmap

Helen Clare natural running
Helen Clare your Core Connect instructor

The Connected Running Roadmap – a clear and proven, running technique roadmap, for any runner to follow, that enables running to be easier, more natural and efficient. Let injuries be a thing of the past, and lightness, ease, joy and progress be your new reality!

The 7 step Roadmap

Helen Clare practising yoga at sunset

how to optimise posture and take it into your run

Helen Clare running along a beach

build good core strength and mind-muscle connection to it

Beach running with the perfect lean for running well

learn how to maintain steps 1 and 2 to benefit from gravity on the move

Helen running with heels lifting

reprogramme your running-body to lift from the heels, not the knees

Helen running on the coastal path

how to improve foot landing to maximise push-off power and efficiency

Helen running on the coastal path

what to do with your arms to tap into this often lost resource

Helen running barefoot on a beach

how to optimise your personal, winning, leg-swing cadence

Tutorials are simple n’ snappy – bitesize lessons to do before a run and implement what you’ve learnt as you go. Gradually build upon the last lesson, so that, before long, you’ll feel like a new runner/ feel like Tigger, too! (See what Paul says below!).

And that’s just the beginning.

You’ll also have access to this goldmine of videos – but have no fear of overwhelm, I give you a plan each month to follow, to take the guesswork out of choosing classes!

  • Progress Tests – each month you’ll get a reminder to go through the quick 7 tests for movement and for running. Track your progress and see all your gains!
  • Connected Yoga Movement – yoga inspired movement for strength, mobility and flexibility. Classes range from 10 to 75 minutes.
  • Connected Yoga Conditioning – yoga inspired movement with functional fitness for power, resilience and dynamism. Classes range from 5 to 30 minutes.
  • Pre-Run Rituals – short dynamic sequences to prep your body for running. 5-20 minutes.
  • Post-Run Rituals – short stretch routines to minimise tightness and aches. 5-20 minutes.
  • Release & Recover Ritual – for when you can make time for extra recovery and a stronger come-back. 20 to 40 minutes.
  • Injury Pathways – the place to start if you need to get over an injury fast, including the Pain-Free Piriformis Pathway
  • Other Programs, Plans & Playlists! – including many 30 day plans such as Glutes in Gear, Amazing Abs & Arms and Kickstart your Core

Total Value…? I could put something in the thousands…

But what amount would you value being able to run pain and injury free, to move with ease and vitality? – I’d say it’s priceless

Man running in mountain terrain
Helen Clare running on the coastal path
Happy runners on the coastal path

Join now £29/Month

Joining now means that you lock in this price forever – even when the future public price increases.

Payment in GBP


– get the first opportunity to join my sell-out, in-person workshops and retreats, at a highly discounted rate!!

Helen teaching running technique on a sunny lawn
Who is this for?

Whether you’re aiming for 5k or 50k (or somewhere in between!), I’ll be guiding you each step of the way to feeling stronger and more dynamic, so that you’ll literally be floating as you run! All levels and experience of yoga, fitness and running are welcome here. As long as you are motivated and inspired to move better and want to commit to at least 1 class per week, this community is for you.

It’s never too late to start moving the way you do in your mind…

Finding it hard to just go for a gentle run now as all these little technique tips and checklists start firing and before I know it I’m in full flow again! Thanks for helping me rediscover the joy of running.


Been able to run further than I have for years and am loving it!


“Incredible. I started running 2 weeks before I found this course and was finding it really hard work. Then I found Run Better with Yoga!! I have gained significantly core strength and my body shape and tone has dramatically improved. This has enabled me to learn to love running again with no injury. After staggering through a mile and a half before the course, I am now enjoying running 4 miles alternate days, Amazing and so motivating.I am also weirdly calmer and more positive. Spooky for the family!


I am finding the classes very beneficial especially for turning on glutes and activating the core. I realised that although I have a strong core developed through my yoga practice, I hadn’t always been switching it on when walking, standing and running. This is where your course is effective because I am starting to really pay attention to the position of my pelvis and core, especially when standing, walking and running.


I’m really enjoying the classes so far. I find the instructions really clear. I find that I’ve been really connected / aware of my core muscles when I’ve been running this week, which has helped! I’ve only just gone back to running again recently so I feel like I’ve lost a lot of stamina. However, doing this course is helping me a lot with motivation to keep going and to understand my running body better!

Run like Tigger!
Fun & easy to fit in
Connected to my body!
Enjoying my running again!
I’ve found my sweet spot!
I’ve never felt as strong!
I’m extremely happy with the results of my yoga practice with your program!!! I haven’t been able to follow a strict daily routine but I try to do some classes whenever I can. I can feel the benefits so much! My running has been feeling so good. I’m more aware of my posture, my breathing, and how each part of my body feels while running. It’s been really like a moving meditation for me recently. I ran a 21kms race last Sunday and it was such an amazing experience! I’ve never felt so present, healthy, strong and motivated in a race. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I intend to keep increasing my Yoga practice this year and definitely following your classes and tips!!  Inés

Frequently Asked Questions

I have an injury–should I join now or wait?

Get a medical professional’s opinion on whether you should do exercise to help your injury. Unless it’s a severe injury that needs rest above all else, in most cases you are going to benefit more from the right strength and mobility work. This is where the Injury Pathways come in. When you join, you can head to this category to start the most appropriate classes for you, to get you fixed up and ready to take on the main curriculum 💪

I have collapsed arches / over/ under-pronation / weak ankles, and I need shoe-support – are you going to tell me to wear barefoot shoes?

No, I’m not going to tell you that you need to wear barefoot shoes. I am going to help you build stronger, more resilient feet and ankles to run with greater efficiency. Then, we can talk about footwear, if you want to 😉

I’m so inflexible! How could I possibly do yoga?

Now is the best time to start, my friend. We’ll go gradually and bit by bit you will increase your flexibility and notice a difference in the ease of your movements.

I’m only just starting to run. Should I wait until I get into it a bit more?

I’m so excited for you to start running! That being said, I want you to get off to the best start possible and learn great running habits from the get go and start achieving your goals.

How long will it take to get results?

I am going to help you to see progress from Week 1 – and to celebrate every small win you make from there. Obviously it’s different for everyone and depends on the effort you put in, but real transformation can occur in 3-12 months – a short time for a life-time of joyful movement!

What is the cancellation and refund policy?

As you get immediate access to all the classes, there is no refund option. However, all plans can be cancelled at any time before your next rebill date easily from within your account.

Can I join at a later date?

Yes–but just to warn you, the price will be increasing.

Do I need any equipment?

A yoga mat is highly recommended! Otherwise all other equipment is optional and is discussed within the classes.

Can I request content?

Yes! Tell me what you want more of inside the #discussion channel of the Community.

How long will I have access for?

Members receive access for one year on the Annual Plan and will renew monthly/ annually after that. You will always be able to cancel before the next payment cycle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Helen is a Senior Yoga Teacher, Natural Running Technique & Movement Coach and has been featured in:
Trail Running, Women’s Running, Om Yoga, Running Fitness, Triathlon Plus, The Independent

Still on the fence? Drop me a email or send me a DM with your questions!

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