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Run Better with Yoga

Get on Track

Learn to move with greater strength, mobility and flexibility, with yoga in as little as 30 days.

After teaching yoga to runners for 10 years and teaching hundreds of students, with amazing results, I’ve distilled the most effective aspects of a yoga practice for runners, into an easy to implement, for all levels, collection of classes that can be used over and over.

Get on Track provides you with the right type of yoga, to do in the time frame that you’ve got.

Get on Track to Better Running

With strength and mobility classes, relax and recover sessions, and our bonus section of my top tips for running efficiently and at ease, this online course is the complete package to get you on the right track for fun, faster injury free running, all designed to fit into your busy training schedule!

Get on Track Online Course

Run Better with Yoga


Enjoy running more, make more progress & stay injury free with my Core:Connect Program!

Core:Connect is my complete core connection program designed specifically for runners of all levels to help you strengthen and connect to your core power, to run with better stability, posture & technique. To ultimately transform your running to a moving meditation where you feel like you are floating over the ground!

Helen Clare leading a Core:Connect yoga for runners class

Build your complete running body

Core:Connect is a 6 week digital program, (which you have lifetime access to), that takes you through 3 phases to stabilise, mobilise & dynamise your body to enable you to run with efficient access to your newly powerful core and glutes, run with great posture & technique and put simply get amazing running results whilst enjoying running so much more!


Run Better with Yoga


Speed up your recovery time and get back to life/ running!

Ultimate Recovery program guides you in taking your running recovery to the next level, & with greater recovery we get increased running enjoyment and results!

Helen Clare leading a Ultimate Recovery Myofascial Release class

Run, Recover & Reap the Benefits!

With it’s combination of Yin Yoga & Myofascial Release Ultimate Recovery will give you deep tissue release & relaxation which translates into better, more enjoyable running!

Ultimate Recovery