Helen Clare stretching hip flexors post running

How to fix sore hip flexors

Ever had pain or irritation across the front of your hips when running? Or after running? This is the area of the hip flexors – made up of the iliopsoas, rectus femoris and sartorius muscles – that primarily act to lift the knee and thigh closer to the body. Pain in this area is a common one for runners – but we can almost always fix it! In this video I talk about the reasons why irritation here is so common, and what we can do to go about fixing it. We’ll cover a couple of yoga poses, and a running drill. Enjoy! After you’ve watched, let me know – do you get pain here?...

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Post running stretch with Helen Clare

Best Post-Run Poses

What’s the best way to ensure you do your post-run stretching? Make it part of the routine! If you can learn just a minimum of 3 simple poses, and do them right off the back of your run, you’ll have ensured you’ve made a huge difference to your recovery, and therefore your performance. Anything else you can do as part of your recovery (like Yin), is then a double win!

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