Helen Clare running the coastal path

How to Improve Running Technique in 5 Easy Steps

Is it possible to make small adjustments to your running technique which will have a huge impact on your running efficiency and enjoyment? Absolutely! In this episode of the Run Better with Yoga show we’ll cover 5 steps you can take to improve running form, increase efficiency and decrease injury. This means we’ll also boost our speed, distance and endurance. Sound good? Let’s go!

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Helen Clare stretching hip flexors post running

How to fix sore hip flexors

Ever had pain or irritation across the front of your hips when running? Or after running? This is the area of the hip flexors – made up of the iliopsoas, rectus femoris and sartorius muscles – that primarily act to lift the knee and thigh closer to the body. Pain in this area is a common one for runners – but we can almost always fix it! In this video I talk about the reasons why irritation here is so common, and what we can do to go about fixing it. We’ll cover a couple of yoga poses, and a running drill. Enjoy! After you’ve watched, let me know – do you get pain here?...

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Helen Clare combining yoga and running in 2020

2020 Running Goals!

It’s time to set your running goals for the new year and decade! It’s been proven that people who intentionally set goals are more likely to achieve the things they want – and those who actually write them down, increase their chances of success even more! So let’s dive into some possible goals that I’ve helped my students achieve in the past, and that you might be looking to achieve this year. Pens and journals at the ready, let’s get inspired! So here we go with 5 potential running goals that you might be inspired to take on for the year ahead! Run Injury and Pain Free This is the number...

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