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Helen Clare, running coach and yoga teacher, running on a beach

How to Fix Flat Feet

Foot Strength for Runners First off – having flat feet, or collapsed arches, is not always a bad thing and it certainly doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t run! – but there is a higher risk of injury stemming from weak foot muscles. Luckily, there are several things we can do as runners to develop more foot strength and support, to prevent injury if your feet are on the flatter side.

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Many runners know, or are told by their physical therapists to strengthen their glutes, as weakness here is often the cause to many issues and complaints. But, in my experience, most people aren’t really sure how to go about strengthening the glutes – and end up just clenching their butt! The glute max is the largest of the three glute muscles and it is our primary hip extensor, meaning it’s job is to draw the hip straight back. So strength here, plus flexibility in the hip flexors (see last week’s video!), is essential for good, proper, safe running form. In this video I...

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How to Improve Posture: Yoga for Shoulders

Continuing on the theme from last week on improving posture in order to improve running form, let’s talk about the shoulders… Clearly, how our shoulders sit play a huge role in our overall posture: If we only focus on strengthening our torso but neglect to think about opening the chest and drawing the shoulders back, then we risk compromising our new found core strength because we are still hunching the upper body.

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