Ultimate Recovery

Ultimate Recovery: Myofascial Release Yoga

Speed up your recovery time and get back to life/ running!

Ever feel like stretching just doesn’t quite reach or release certain spots?

Have a recurring pain that you can’t budge, or have a feeling it’s coming from somewhere else?

Want to boost your recovery and get back to life/ running?!

Over my 10 years teaching yoga,
there’s been another special ingredient in healing and preventing hundreds of injuries…

… self-applied myofascial release techniques!

You see, stretching alone isn’t enough to release the deep set tension and trigger points that could be causing you pain – we need to apply pressure to the right places in the right way to ease the tension, before stretching.

Essentially these techniques make yoga more effective.

Take your recovery, ease of movement and performance – to the next level.
Release tension and speed up recovery, with the help of a couple of balls!

Let me show you how, in this new program: Ultimate Recovery. I’ll teach you self-applied myofascial release techniques with balls, some of which are practised within Yin Yoga poses.

What’s Yin Yoga?

Relaxing into poses for a longer duration of around 3 minutes. This allows for greater release of deep set tension from the tissues, for improved flexibility and ease of movement.

What’s myofascial release?

‘Myo’ refers to muscles and ‘fascial’ the fascia. Fascia runs continuously throughout the entire body, surrounding and binding together the muscles. Both tissues get tight, ‘sticky’ and knotted through sports and general life. Myofascial release is like massage – applying pressure to the muscles and fascia (in this case using balls), in the right way to relieve trigger points and tight areas, that could be attributing to pain and injury.

Why do I need it?!

If you have muscle pain… If you feel joint restriction… If you feel muscle tightness… If you run, or do other sports… you’re likely holding trigger points (a severe muscular knot), or an excess of tension – which most of us do somewhere!

Stretching is often not enough. We need to apply pressure to the target area to release the tension first, before re-lengthening the tissues out by stretching.

Ultimate Recovery:
Myofascial Release Yoga

With these classes, I’ll teach you how to use MFR techniques to supercharge your recovery!

Use on their own to amazing effect…
… or, before yoga for enhanced results!

You’ll experience a reduction in pain, greater ease of movement, tension release and flexibility!

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Ultimate Recovery: Myofascial Release course playing over multiple devices, laptop and iPhone
What you get…

3 classes of around 20 minutes each, focusing on different areas of the body. Some areas we just focus on the ball action, others we can relax more into a ‘Yin’ yoga posture. Do one class, or combine two or three! Use first thing in the morning, or post-run. Use alone, or before yoga!

Feet & Legs

I’ll show you the best tension
releasing techniques for the:

  • feet
  • calves
  • hamstrings
  • quads
Hips & Glutes

I’ll teach you how to release tension
and trigger points in:

  • glute max
  • glute med/ min
  • TLF
  • hip flexors
  • pirformis
Back & Shoulders

So overlooked by runners, tension here is common in everyone and is essential to work on to maintain good posture – which we know means great running form!

  • back & top of shoulders
  • rhomboids
  • pectorals
Helen Clare leading a Ultimate Recovery for Runners class
Helen Clare, founder of Run Better with Yoga practising myofascial release

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What people have asked..

When to practise?

I love to do these techniques with the balls first thing in the morning. That could be it, but most often I’ll then go on to a movement based yoga practice. Another great time is after your run, before a slow yin style yoga sequence.

What injuries can be helped?

So many! They include Plantar fasciitus, Achilles tendonitus, severe calf/ hamstring/ quad tightness, knee pain, hip pain, stiff shoulders… Inside the program I share details of how pain somewhere in the body, can be originating somewhere entirely different!

What do I need?

2 balls – these can be purpose made massage balls, lacrosse balls or tennis balls. A yoga block, or a fat foam roller. A yoga mat.

What should I feel?

Naturally some areas are going to feel more intense than others, and in different places for each of us. You want to feel a light to intense tenderness that has a feeling of release to it. The type of pain that actually feels good!! You do not want to feel acute/ shooting pain, tingling, numbness or anything else that feels wrong.

How often should I do it?

There is no straight answer for this! If you’re new to these kind of techniques, as with yoga, don’t do too much too often. You could try doing each area once in a week, identifying your problem areas and doing those 2-3 times per week. It is possible to over do it!

Is it suitable for everyone?

These techniques are suitable for the vast majority of people, no matter your mobility/ flexibility. There are some contraindications which include:

malignancy, febrile state, acute circulatory condition, aneurysm, acute rheumatoid arthritis, sutures, healing fracture, osteoporosis or advanced degenerative changes, celiulitis, systemic or localized infection, osteomyelitis, obstructive edema, open wounds, hematoma, anticoagulant therapy, hypersensitivity to skin, advanced diabetes.

If in doubt, consult your GP/ health care provider.

Is it the same as foam rolling?

Great question. Foam rolling has the same intention, however because of the large surface area less pressure is applied to a specific area. Using balls in the way I show you can be much more effective because of the level of specificity we can achieve!

Frequently Asked Questions

A really effective & almost instant relief from tender tight spots – I find them (balls) the only way to really release my calves, & also find them very relaxing and beneficial on the upper back


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